Intercontinental Des Services ensures each of our customers & client are been served with great care and concern and have received prompt, professional, friendly and courteous service in the most hostile or remote environment.


Oil and GAS

Oil and gas is our core area, we have mastered this industry with our long experience and expertise.

Our experience include sourcing and placing the candidates with the most lucrative companies also.

We are there to support all the stages of a project right from concept, feed engineering, project designand construction to implementation, operation and maintenance.

ICS works with the best oil and gas companies as recruitment partner.

We set aside the opportunity to screen top ability, guarantee both technical and safetycertifications are in place, and have the capacity to rapidly prepare work force to achieve ventures when our clients require them the most.

No company is better placed than ICS to service the needs of the Oil and Gas industry and we have a track record to back that up.

Whether you are an operator, drilling contractor or service company, ICS can provide the ideal solution for your requirement.

Oil and GAS

Mining is another centre territory we work for alongside Oil and Gas. We are the most confided in ability supplier to the business since years. From very early stage like exploration to production and processing in both open and closed mines, we have helped our clients draw in and hold ability. Geologists, Geo-chemists and Geophysicists, Metallurgical and materials mining engineer, Land surveyor, Topographical and mineral technologists, Health and safety managers, Underground production miners, Drillers and shot firers, Substantial gear administrators, Special tradespeople, Supervisors, superintendents & training specialists; these are the general population we give to mining related projects. Have confidence in us and we will convey the outcome.


We understand exceptionally well that how infrastructure influences our everyday live. It influences people, communities and economies also.

To add to the advancement of society and mankind we give highly skilled candidates who work for the development of significant foundation including spans, roadways and so on with major infrastructure firms.

We comprehend that discovering ideal individuals for such critical errand is extremely troublesome. We accept pride in announcing ourselves as the market pioneer in this field of giving gifted labour to our customers.

Construction Companies
Sea Vessels

Commercial vessels or merchant ships can be divided into four broad categories: fishing, cargo ships, passenger ships, and special-purpose ships. A ship is a huge vessel with so much to handle for safe sailing. It needs experts who are having technical knowledge and who can tolerate the climate also.

We provide skilled workforce for such an important place. We have specialists for all kinds of vessels.


ICS's offshore fleet are known throughout the world as the leading provider of support services to the marine and offshore industries.

The services provided by ICS include the skilled and experienced manpower for Transportation and installation of modules, structures and platforms Topsides transportation and installation, including topsides float-over operations, Jacket load-out, transportation and launching operations, Abandonment and decommissioning, subsea clean-up and dive support, Subsea construction and WROV inspection, maintenance and modification services, Towing services, MODU and FPU moves, Harbour and offshore floater and shuttle tanker support, Floater support, anchor handling and mooring installations, Dry docking by submersible barges, Supply services and lifting operations.

SEA Platforms and Barges

Drilling is a challenging and operation for the industry. That is why companies need qualified, skilled and experienced manpower to handle this huge task with utmost sincerity, keeping the safety the highest priority.

Being one of the leading providers of drilling manpower in Oil & Gas industry, ICS has been supplying fully qualified and experienced drilling workforce to most of the rigs overseas.

Our experience allows us an in-depth understanding of the oil industry which is backed-up by relationships in the field and permits us the capacity to deliver complete recruitment solutions for global Drilling, Work over, and Maintenance& Marine Operations.


Our vast experience in delivering all essential services under extreme conditions, mean we can manage your camp perfectly, coordinating all aspects of the day to day operation. This could also mean managing subcontractors and in fact any other body that is either on site permanently or periodically. This ‘client interface’ is the key to the smooth running of a facility.

Clients benefit from our teams’ genuine expertise, which spans complex camp logistics and upkeep, such as camp maintenance, supply management, fire safety, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical repairs and waste management. The management of the site is at the core of what we do. Getting this right is the key to happy residents and happy residents make happier workers and happier workers are productive workers. A site that is not clean can leave a very bad impression on both residents and visitors, so we make sure that whenever we are contracted to provide cleaning services, all of our staff work to the very highest standards and follow a strict plan of cleaning protocols.

Remote Sites


We are the leading camp solutions provider and we are proud of it.

Our Clients

We work closely with a wide range of clients from different sectors.


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