INTERCONTINENTAL DES SERVICES (ICS) provides the best solutions including asset management, training, security and manpower supply to Oil and Gas industries to overcome the challenges they face.

Intercontinental Des Services, emerged as a leader in Central Africa, since it has been established in 1999.

ICS has customized solutions for each of our valuable client, based on the specific requirements they provide us. We not only understand the requirement but we understand their business model, the risks they face in executing their policies and how much our service can make their life easy. This way, we are not just a service provider but become an associate who understands the challenges and help in addressing them.

According to the specific requirement we decide on the service we can provide whether it should be an in house solution or we have to collaborate with other service providers. Whatever is the solution, we always consider the risks and how to manage them.

We provide mid to senior level permanent and contract staffing solutions to the upstream and downstream Oil and Gas industry. Intercontinental Services has earned a reputation for itself and enjoys good working relationship with many multinational Oil and Gas companies.

Our priority is to satisfy our client at any cost, keeping the safety of people and environment in our mind. We operate in a way to avoid the injuries to personnel and harm to the environment.

Apart from this, we always strive to be better for the ultimate satisfaction of our clients and to achieve that, we invest in innovative and productive solutions.

Benefits of working with us

  • Matching top talent with the best companies for more than 18 years
  • Connecting talent with opportunity
  • Shaping the next generation of employees
  • Placing the right people in the right jobs
  • Communication is paramount to our effectiveness
  • Creating authentic connections around meaningful work
  • Powered by innovation and driven by integrity
  • Dedicated and committed to complete all our goals in time

Expertise we provide OFF SHORE for Drilling projects

Expertise we provide OFF/ ON SHORE for Catering projects

Expertise we provide ON SHORE for Drilling projects Base Office

Expertise we provide ON SHORE Construction/ Dry dock/ Ship Yard projects


Way to one’s heart goes through the stomach. ICS provides world-class catering service to our esteemed clients. Taste and Hygiene are two main properties of our service.

Our Clients

We work closely with a wide range of clients from different sectors.


Intercontinental Des Services
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